Tuesday 20 April 2021, 13:15PM

An introduction to me

A quick overview of who I am and what I'll be writing here.

Hey there! I'm glad you found this place!

My background...

I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London, graduating in 2020. Initially, I had almost 0 background in computer science/programming - my interest lay mostly in mathematics, and I simply tacked on the computer science bit for employability. However, once I arrived at Imperial, I fell in love with the computer science/programming/software engineering aspect of the degree, which lay the foundations of the road which I find myself on today.

I'm currently doing...

I've primarily been working as a full-stack web/app developer since graduating, with a little bit of dabbling in some infrastructure and analytics. TypeScript has been a huge part of what I've been doing - both on the rrontend and backend. React (and React Native) are staples of my frontend work, with NestJS being major mention for my backend. Currently, I'm working at a startup trying to revolutionize pet care, trying to rebuild their entire tech stack from the hacky early-days solution to something more robust that'll last years and allow us to enter new market areas.

What I'll probably be writing about

  • Software engineering. Both from technical and management aspect.
  • Programming languages and programming language design.
  • Developer tools (particularly neovim) and my experiences with them
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